Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Do we need Astrology? Why Astrology? Beyond Astrology?

Please note that this post is NOT at all intended to hurt/blame any person or their profession.  These are purely my thoughts only.  May be right or wrong!!!

Today’s Astrology!!!

Physical comfort/body survival is the highest thought today!
Some of us (especially new generation) see Astrology as a pseudoscience, because of many misleading information, vast misuse and misguidance, lot of immature remedial measures coupled with wrong expectations, never ending desire, craving for money, no submission towards dharma (righteousness)/spirituality etc.  Astrology has evolved over centuries and now paved a way to a distorted image having different perceptions.  We know what it is today!!!

PART - 1: Followers / Believers of Astrology

(a) Many of us mostly travel through the road just opposite to the road which leads to our goal and blame the planets (free-will mostly matters!). For example, we will not give up alcohol/drugs, yet we expect good physical health and disease-free body.  We do not have a healthy daily routine, but we badly expect strong and healthy mind at all times.
(b) Some think that, Astrologer is a multi-dynamic person who has mastered every dimensions of Jyotisha Sastra, Tantra Sastra, Mantra Sastra, Vaidika Kriyas, Tantric Kriyas, Gemology, Vasthu, Yantra/mantra healing, Palmistry and what not.
(c) Some think there are remedial measures for everything in this world; as they don’t know about Dridha (fixed), Dridha-Adridha (fixed-unfixed) and Adridha (unfixed) Karmas and its results.
(d) We creates and invites all troubles through our own bad karma thinking that some remedies can be done to make the fruits (results) good, as we don’t believe “as you sow so shall you reap” and “prevention is better than cure”.
(e) Most of us are not ready to grow the trees (action); but we expect the fruits (results) alone.
(f) Some expects swift/faster results somehow through remedial measures.      
(g) Most of us can’t invest time and energy in a healthy daily routine, charity works, prayers, meditation, yoga, spiritual activities for our own benefits. We simply spend all the time to earn money/material benefits but need to eliminate bad karmic fruits.
(h) Some people see Astrology through a specific window of their own experiences or knowledge in different fields and/or information gained through different sources like family, social media, friends, magazines, newspaper etc.
(i) Yet, some consults Astrologer to give it a shot or try when they do not see the results despite their hard work in their business.
(j) Some of us badly wanted to hear from an Astrologer (through horoscope) that our failure in life is because of ‘Black Magic’ done by someone.
(k) And so on…

PART - 2: Pretending to be ‘Astrologer’ (fake/fraud) 
(Just to mention - Don’t forget there are fake/frauds in every profession)

(a) I am the mediator between you and God.
(b) I am the only qualified and certified Astrologer, having learned and understood all principles of Jyoti Sastra.
(c) Apart from Jyoti Sastra, I know Vasthu, Gemology, Palmistry, Tantra Sastra, Mantra Sastra, Tantric kriyas, Vaidika kriyas, Yantra/mantra healing and you name it.
(d) I know all Dharma Sastras and I am the ultimate guide for all your ‘customs/ritual/rites’ related queries.
(e) Come to me, I will change your future as it is depending on your horoscope alone and I know how to alter it.
(f) I will destroy all your ‘Graha Doshas’ and malefic planetary implications in your horoscope.
(g) I will quote “Black Magic” as the reason for your failures so that you are not blamed and you can think you are doing good work (karma).
(h) I have answers for all your questions.  Even if you ask wrong questions, none will be left unanswered because I need your instant satisfaction.
(i) I will remove any dosha/sapa (bad karmic debts) instantaneously. Devatas will work according to my Sankalpam; hence I offer money back guarantee!
(j) I will use all Astro related technical terminologies (you may not understand it the way it is to be understood) to show how strong is your negativity and to substantiate my recommendations for many rituals.
(k) And so on…

PART - 3: Thought process – Beyond Astrology

(a) Karma is the ultimate deciding factor of the fruits.  Karma is one’s free-will.  Through Astrology, we get to know about good and bad Karmic fruits which are being ready to enjoy in this birth (time factor).  This is the fundamental principle of Astrology (horoscope).
(b) There is no remedy for some fixed karmic fruits; we are bound to undergo through the phase.  This is absolutely due to our own intense bad karma in the past.
(c) There are remedies for certain karmas; which has to be understood from a pious Astrologer.
(d) There are so many incredible things which we can do ourselves for a successful and joyful life, with least intervention of Astrologers.  This is more credible than anything else and no one will fall as pray for frauds.
(e) There are some situations where we need to consult with the right person.  How to find him?  Biggest challenge today!  At least we need a knowledgeable person who has ‘good intention’ to help us.
(f) There are some pre-requisites and duties of an Astrologer: -
i. Guru Bhakti (devotion to Guru)
ii. Humbleness
iii. Righteousness
iv. Truthful
v. Veda Adhyayanam (one should learn Vedas)
vi. Thorough knowledge of Astronomy/Ganitam (mathematical calculations), Samhita and Hora (many)
vii. Graha Yajanam (who does prayers to Graha Devatas with full devotion)
viii. Waking up early in the morning (during Braahma Muhurtam)
ix. Do Sandhyavandanam (Nitya karma anushtanam)
x. Do other Mantra Japam, as appropriate
xi. Panchanga Ganitam (daily ephemeris calculation)

Endless list, isn’t? There are many Astrologers with above qualities, but difficult to find.  There is no alternative other than begetting the right guide at right time.

The more you become spiritual, lesser intervention of Astrology needed.  

To conclude, you cannot destroy your past, but can create your future!

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Saturday, May 9, 2020

Why do we need Jyotisha Sastra (Astronomy / Astrology)?

Indian Scriptures contemplates classification of Atma (souls) into three - viz., Uthama, Madhyama and Adhama - generally known as ‘Adhikaries’ (three sets of Adhikaries)!!!

UTTAMA (Realised-SELF):
Siddhas, Yogis, Rishis and other Acharyas come under this category whose thoughts always pointed towards “Para Brahmam” with earnest devotion. They never think of earthly happiness and disappointments. They are above the stage of any Karma. They have already realised their ‘SELF’. For them - what is the use of Astrology?

ADHAMA (Realising Physical SELF only):
All individuals covet only earthly happiness come under this class; who firmly believe that there is nothing beyond five-senses (perception), who believes only in mortal body, whose minds and thoughts are always about ‘mere survival of their bodies’. They are doomed to be incorrigible. For them also - what is the use of Astrology or in fact, any Dharma Sastras?

MADHYAMA (Way to realising-SELF):
All individuals with much devotion to God but sailing in the ocean of Samsara/worldly affairs, as also combating to seek true knowledge/self-realisation are classified as ‘Madhyama’. These middle class people with an unsteady mind swimming in the worldly pleasures, but open to conviction that the rituals/rites prescribed in Dharma Sastra expiates sins. These people are in the middle of ‘Samsara Sagara’ who think about good and bad karma, sin, deeds, earthly happiness, disappointments, pain and gain etc.; but also truly combating to move into the next class (UTTAMA) through righteousness, devotion, ahimsa, dharma, good karma, religious rituals, rites etc. 
For them - Jyothi Sastra is an eye-opener, because this has a close bearing of KARMA!!!

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Maha Ganapathi Homam / Havan / Ganesha Havan

Homam/Havan is a fire ritual - an ancient Vedic practice for worshipping Gods. In homam, God/Devata or divine presence is invoked into fire using specific procedures. Then materials are offered into fire, along with sacred chants (mantras). The offerings are delivered to respective Gods by fire (Agni).
Science - When we burn plastic or any such materials, poisonous gas is produced, air is polluted and we/all living beings inhale that and invite serious health hazards. When we burn medicinal plants and bio-medical substances, air is purified and we inhale medicinal fumes and in turn remove health hazards. Lot to write on this.

Vedas teaches that Gods come into fire and receive the prayers of spiritual aspirants. For us to understand - we can say that fire is a postman, who delivers what is being offered to respective Gods. Out of five elements - Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth, two cannot be polluted are ether (space) and fire.  
It is next to impossible to do the Spiritual Practises through ether. Hence fire (agni) is the best element through which we can worship Gods. Fire is pure and purifies everything that it comes in touch with.
We know and can feel our gross body, which is made up of gross matter. But, we also have a subtle body made up of subtle matter and cannot be perceived by our senses in our gross body. This subtle body has thousands of naadis and a fire called bhootaagni (existential fire) which is vital for one’s existence. The strength of bhootaagni varies from person to person.
Here, a spiritual seeker tries to take advantage of an external fire and invoke divine presence (devata/God) in that fire and worship God through specific procedures; which done on a regular basis burns impurities in the naadis of the seeker and eventually strengthen the bhootaagni (existential fire). If the seeker’s bhootaagni can accommodate divine presence to a larger degree, his meditation becomes more effective. Hence, a spiritual seeker can cleanse his naadis (energy channels in the subtle body). This is one of the process for burning all karmas. When one burns all of one’s major karmas, one becomes karmically very light and he attain a blissful state.


Vedas describe Ganapathi as the destroyer of all hindrances in life. Maha Ganapathi is one among 32 different forms of Ganapathi.
As per Sastras, Ganapathi is the first Devata to be prayed before worshipping any other devata. Ganapathi sits in the Mooladhara chakra. Mooladhara chakra represents the physical/material realm, while higher chakras represent higher realms of consciousness. Hence, Ganesha takes care of material prosperity and well being of a person. The self-consciousness of a common man is normally limited to the mooladhara chakra, i.e., the material realm. When the self-consciousness ascends through various chakras, one becomes aware of other realms of consciousness and the devatas/beings that dwell in them. Being the gatekeeper of the Mooladhara Chakra, the starting point of consciousness, Ganapathi bless the spiritual seeker for experiencing higher realms of consciousness/devatas.
Ganapathi Homam is very useful to any spiritual seeker as Ganapathi controls the material prosperity and the gate to higher consciousness. To summarise, Ganapathi Homam facilitates spiritual progress while protecting the material prosperity and well-being.

Below mentioned benefits are aimed to attain by performing of Maha Ganapathi Homam with devotion and as per right fire ritual procedure: -
1. For removing/overcoming the obstacles faced in attaining one’s wishes/goals2. For gaining more knowledge, poetic/orator/writing skills, creativity
3. For attracting others to like our products & services/business improvements
4. For increasing family bondage
5. For achieving more happiness, health, wealth (material prosperity) and success
6. For spiritual, mental and physical well-being
7. For stability of mind, reducing mental depression and mind related troubles
8. For increasing the intellect, sense for taking right decisions/conscience etc.
9. For removing hindrances in learning (very helpful for students)
10. For removing malefic effects of Venus & Ketu in one’s horoscope and what not...!!!

1. There are different powerful mantras are being used while doing this homam for various purposes. Hence, it is good to define the purpose, which will help in doing Sankalpa (prayers for fulfilling one’s needs).
2. Maha Ganapathi Moola Mantra counts can vary from 32, 64, 108, 1008 etc.; hence the offerings also increase depending on how strong the aspirant is.
3. Bhagya Suktam (for more luck), Aikyamatya Suktam (for unity in family, reunion of people, oneness etc), Ashwaroodha Mantra (for attraction/liking) is also one of the vedic mantra chanted while doing the homam.
4. Different offering items are used for the Homam: -
o Cow Ghee (clarified butter)
o Ashtadravyam (mixture of eight different items like dry coconut, jaggerry, sesame, puffed rice, rice flakes, ghee, banana etc.)
o Grass - a specific holy medicinal grass
o Coconut shell
o Dry Coconut
o Paddy Grain
o Black Sesame
o Lotus
o Modak (a different kind of laddu - a sweet item)
5. There are other offerings as per Sastra for fulfilling one’s specific needs


1. Spiritual seekers
2. Businessmen before starting a new projects/new business
3. During House warming & other auspicious and important events in life
4. Person who wanted to eliminate all negativity and hindrances/obstacles
5. Person who are mentally challenged and has mental depression
6. Students
7. In general, one should do at least once a year on their star birthday (as per moon sign), is possible. If not, on any other auspicious day as per convenience.