Thursday, April 12, 2012


गुलिकश्च मृत्यु: Gulika related to Death
 मान्दीशश्चापि    बाधक:  -  Lord of the house occupied by Gulika is also Malefic.

Gulika in 1 house:
रोगी क्षतङ्गो गुलिके तनुस्थे -  Native will be affected by frequent illness, will have defected body parts
Gulika in 2 house:
निन्द्याभिभाषि धनके विवेष:    - Native will use harsh words/language and has bad dressing sense.
Gulika in 3 house:
सोथं द्विषल् भ्रातृगते स शौर्य: - Native will be like warrior and will not have good relation with his brother.
Gulika in 4 house:
सुखादि हीन: सुखागे अरिभीत: - Native will lack general Happiness and might get threat from enemies.
Gulika in 5 house:
गुर्वादि निन्दकृतनात्मजस्यात् शूली सुततस्ते- Native will disrespect Guru/elders and will have no children (other parameters), diseases affective lower intestine/anus
Gulika in 6 house:
 रिपुगे निजाद्विड् - Native will have / has enemies
Gulika in 7 house: 
विषेक्षणो वंश विदूषनश्च कलत्र हन्ता मदगे अति कामः - Native will have eye troubles/defect, will do things/rites against own tradition, kills his wife (meaning - will not give happiness) and native has high amount of 'Kama'.
Gulika in 8 house: 
धीमान बहु व्याधिरनायतायुर विषाग्नि शस्त्रैर मृतिरष्टमस्ते  -  Native will hold intelligence yet suffers many disease and lack of longevity (can cause death due to poison, fire or with arms and amunition)
Gulika in 9 house: 
धर्मस्तिते धर्म तपो मनूनः - Native will rarely follows ones tradition / tapas.
Gulika in 10 house: 
खस्ते सुकीर्ति परकार्य सक्तः  -  Native will be famous and tend to help/do others' (work).