Friday, August 21, 2015

Birth Star (Nakshatra) - Bharani (Apa Bharani)

It is good to plant Amla near by wells and river banks.  It has got such a medicinal value that can cure all diseases.  
It is advisable to have Triphala churnam (1 spoon + little jaggery) after dinner for a very healthy lifestyle. The main ingredient of this churnam is Amla.

Birth Star (Nakshatra) - Aswini / Aswathi

By analyzing the position of Ketu in the horoscope and doing remedial measure will yield best result.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Are you undergoing miserable life? Change it.

Are you undergoing miserable life? Then read below. 

Questions to you...

1)     Did I create fear in others?

2)    Did I hurt my loved ones?

3)    Did I summon and tarnish others?

4)    Did I stop others from making donations?

5)    Did I smear my friends?

6)    Did I sabotage friendships?

7)    Did I speak gossip that lead to families being destroyed?

8)    Did I refuse to help one in need?

9)    Did I increase taxes and rob others?

10)  Did I make the poor suffer?

11)   Did I act unjustly?

12)  Did I stop the means of income of others?

13)  Did I entice others and cheat them?

14)  Did I rip work but refused to pay accordingly?

15)  Did I adulterate rice with pebbles?

16)  Did I ignore the hungry?

17)  Did I refrain from feeding the poor?

18)  Did I expose those that had taken refuge with me?

19)  Did I aid those who committed murder?

20) Did I scout and spy on behalf of thieves?

21)  Did I snatch properties belonging to others and lied to them?

22) Did I sleep with those who had lost their virginity?

23) Did I abuse virgins who I had a responsibility to protect?

24) Did I rape those who already had had a husband?

25) Did I lock up birds in their cages?

26) Did I not feed the calves?

27) Did I build up this body by consuming meat?

28) Did I poison drinking water?

29) Did I cut trees that gave us shade?

30) Did I destroy others out of revenge?

31)  Did I demolish public halls? Did I not listen to my parents?

32) Did I not greet my Guru?

33) Did I not give my Guru his dues, for his sustenance?

34) Did I envy the learned?

35) Did I find mistakes in the writings of the wise?

36) Did I offend devotees of Siva?

37) Did I offend the yogis?

38) Did I prevent the public from conducting their prayers by shutting the doors to the temples?

39) Did I smear the name of the Lord?

We are not happy because we have done one or more bad karma mentioned above in this birth or in previous birth.  

It is high time that we should follow the right path to get the right results.

We have to do the following if we want to experience a good and joyful life (and at last escape from rebirth): -

1)    Do good
2)   Control anger
3)   Do not hinder aid to others
4)   Feed the hungry
5)   Help the needy
6)   Keep reading
7)   Do not be jealous of other‘s achievement
8)   Help your relatives and friends grow with you
9)   Look after your parents
10) Do not forget those who have come to your aid
11)  Do not secure what does not belong to you
12) Do not venture into things that are degrading by nature
13) Abstain from using harsh language
14) Refrain from thinking degrading thoughts
15) Do not harm others
16) Give your best in every venture that you undertake
17) Lead an honest life
18) Respect others

- Ramalinga Adigal