Sunday, December 11, 2011


TAURUS – Krithika (2, 3 & 4), Rohini, Mrigasira (1, 2)

Taurus rules the neck, the ears, palate, larynx, tonsils, thyroid gland, lower jaw, occipital region, cerebellum, atlas, and cervical vertebrae, vocal chords, carotid arteries, jugular vein, and the pharynx.

Taurus people are generally very stubborn and tenacious.  Being a negative sign, when they contract a disease, they hold on to it tenaciously.  The Taurean has a tendency to take on flesh in middle life.  Being short and thickest as a rule, he becomes very fleshy about the neck and base of the skull.

They are prone to swelling of glands, tonsillitis, quinsy, and various diseases relating to neck, upper backside, sexually transmitted diseases, etc.


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