Friday, November 8, 2013

Astrology and Life (How to Achieve What You Want)

Astrology and Your Life

Steve Jobs said, “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life”. What a powerful saying!

The birth of any human is not meant to highlight fate.  The fate is the result of one’s past deeds - both good and evil.  Human birth actually emphasizes man’s will to escape from the birth-death cycle.  What he has done (karma), he can undo it.  He is the cause of his happiness/sorrows prevalent in his life.  He can overcome any limitation since he himself is the creator- all done by his own actions in the past.

The supreme truth is that in man, abides a spiritual resource which are not subject to any planetary influence, which is generally unknown to man.

Everyone in this Universe is unique. They have different needs, thoughts and different ways of life.
You need to perform two types of actions to accomplish anything in the world (wealth, health, success, career, goal, aim, mission etc.). One is visible action and another is invisible action. For example, for a person aiming for success in exams, his visible action is the effort that goes into his studies and invisible action is his connection with The Supreme or in other words God’s blessings (derived through prayers, meditation, religious activities, remedies for previous karma etc.).

Examples for better understanding of above: -

Visible Actions
Invisible Actions
Success in Business
·         Choose right business
·         Hard and smart work
·         Tap right opportunity
·         Work with good intention, attitude and enthusiasm
·         All types of work that promote business except cheating, bad intention, depriving people etc.
·         And so on…..
·         Meditation
·         Prayer
·         Perform Remedies, if needed after thorough consultation with an Astrologer
·         Auspicious time, wherever applicable
·         Reciting Vedas
·         Puja/Homam(Havan)
·         Visit temples
·         Tantric and Other Religious Rituals
·         Gems, Stones, Yantra, if needed
·         Helping others
·         Offerings
·         Charity/Social work
·         Positive Belief

These invisible actions will result in Divine blessing which will result in long lasting happiness and success by virtue of objectives being achieved.
Education/Success in Exams
·         Choose line of education which is suitable/right
·         Plan study method
·         Learning & Development
·         Project Work
·         Guidance & Training
·         And so on…
Wealth/Financial Gains
·         Wealth Planning
·         Prudent investment
·         Deposits/Shares
·         Property
·         Income from different business activities
·         Commission
·         Income from ancestral properties, friends, relatives, others
Curing Diseases / Health Gain
·         Proper Diagnosis
·         Medicines
·         Therapeutics
·         Adequate Rest
·         Adequate intake of healthy food/supplements
·         Go Vegetarian


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